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Standout from your competition in Google

Avoid beeing a drop of water in the ocean by standing out in search engines when prospects look for a keyword that applies to your business. Whether it’s for your business or your e-commerce, your website needs to attract more traffic to bring more income.

Have a mobile friendly website

A lot of business don’t have mobile friendly websites even if 66% of people use mobile devices to look for products or services on the web. We can create a mobile friendly website for your business.

You want your video to be seen on Youtube?

If you have a great video showing your products or services and you want it to be seen easily on Youtube for specific keywords, we can help you!


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— Devin Schumacher

Houston SEO Insights | Choosing The Right Digital Marketing Agency

Search engine optimization or SEO may be defined as the process of ranking a website high in the search engine result pages (SERPs) for targeted keywords. Many businesses realize the importance of maintaining a strong online presence but most are not aware of the competition online for limited space on the first page of search results.








Big search engines such as Google and Bing handle billions of queries each month and in most cases, users do not go beyond the first page of search results. People have been conditioned to trust the first-page search results.

This conditioning has a huge impact on businesses that do not have their website ranking on the first page. In the eyes of many consumers, businesses that do not exist on the front page may as well not exist.

Consumers these days use search engines for everything including finding local businesses.

Almost everyone has a smartphone and in most cases, searches on mobile are focused on finding local businesses. Even if the business does not sell their products or services online, they need to be present high in the search engine results as most mobile searches result in a store visit the next day.

In other words, search engine results also drive consumers to stores and your business can ignore search engine rankings at its own peril.

Due to extreme competition online, the only way for a business to rank high in the search engine result pages is to invest in quality search engine optimization services.

There are hundreds of SEO agencies with tall claims but choosing the right one can be challenging. Here is what you should expect from a high-quality SEO agency.

  1. Comprehensive keyword research and competitive analysis
  2. Strategic plan to get authoritative links
  3. High-quality content development
  4. Website audit for on page optimization
  5. Making website mobile friendly
  6. Advanced analytics to measure results
  7. Local SEO
  8. Mobile SEO
  9. Content marketing
  10. ROI focused SEO


Follow the below-mentioned tips to find and hire the perfect SEO agency for your business.

First of all, you should ask the SEO agency about the long-term results they have achieved for their clients. It’s important to focus on long-term results as short-term results may be achieved by using tactics that do not work in the long run. Therefore, always focus on the long-term results.

The SEO agency should have experts dealing with all aspects of Internet marketing including social media, link building, content marketing, mobile SEO, on page optimization and other things.

The SEO agency should provide regular reports on a weekly or monthly basis with pre-agreed KPIs. In other words, they should show you results.

While no SEO agency can guarantee results, experienced professionals should be able to give you an idea of the return on the investment in SEO.

Keep in mind that SEO is a long-term process and you need to be very careful while choosing your SEO partner. The right SEO agency will help you grow your business but choosing the wrong one can hurt your website permanently.

LinkedIn considers SEO like one of the most important professional skills in 2017. We are a Houston SEO agency ready to help your business! For a free video analysis of your website compared to your strongest competitors, fill out this form.

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