Website Owners: Get Your 72 Hour Mind-Blowing Effect Individualized “Unfair” On-Page SEO Plan!

My name is…

Hi, my name is Nicolas Roy and I’m the owner of Roy SEO, a digital marketing agency that specializes in search engine optimization.






Sports-performance industry

Before I started my agency, I was in the sports performance industry. I have trained professional athletes, given seminars to coaches and I even jumped over a car to raise money for charity.





What happened?

What happened, you might ask?

Naïve and uneducated move

It’s quite simple, many years ago, I was ripped off by a web design agency that promised me that every dollar I would invest on my new website would generate 2 dollars. “Wow, sign me in”, I said. Well, it was a very naïve and uneducated move and it cost me a lot of money (5 digit mistake).







Studying like a madman

To catch up on this mistake. I started studying internet marketing like a madman and the numerous aspects related to it such as traffic generation, monetization, etc. Because I was a sports-performance coach eager to compete, I was naturally attracted by SEO when I was introduced to it.






Google the judge

I really liked the fact of competing and Google being the judge of my performance. I liked it so much that after monetizing my sports-performance business website, I decided help clients with SEO gigs. After having good success and having more clients, I decided to sell my strength and conditioning business to my partner and I started my own SEO agency.

The dreaded reaper

After making contacts with other SEO agencies, I realized that the dreaded reaper of SEO is Google algorithm change!!!








Adjust to different performance factors

In my previous career of strength and conditioning coach, I had to train athletes for them to avoid injuries and perform better physically. I was working with athletes from different sports such as volleyball players (Canada men’s national indoor team for many years), football players, ice hockey players, figure skaters, track athletes, etc. I had to constantly adjust to different performance factors to help them be ready for their sport.







How could that transfer to SEO?

Of course, I was used to working with different performance factors and different contexts to help different athletes from different sports to perform. How could that transfer to SEO and website performance towards THE almighty Google? You will learn it later!!!

Best ideas come from…

People who have the best ideas are often the ones who ask the best questions. So let’s start with great questions that are often asked in SEO.





Eternal debate in SEO

This question is an eternal debate in the SEO community and for a great deal of reason. If you only had the choice to use one aspect of SEO, would you put your resources on on-page SEO or on off-page SEO?


The obvious answer is BOTH but if you only had one to focus on, what would you choose?





The truth

The truth is that regardless of your domain authority (DA) or your domain rating (DR) and the number of backlinks that point towards your site if you don’t have on-page SEO, you are not going to perform on Google for your targeted keywords.

Horsepower and A.I

A good metaphor to illustrate both concepts is that off-page SEO is the horsepower or your site and on-page SEO is the stirring wheel of your site. To reach a destination, you should prioritize having a stirring wheel even if you will eventually need the power to get to your destination. Also, with A.I and the Google Rankbrain algorithm, on-page SEO is getting more and more important.






Not there yet but…

Although not there yet, Google has the goal to be able to rank sites without using links. They want to rely on user experience (UX) and improve the way to understand user intent (UI) when a query is made. So, on-page SEO will become more and more important with time.

I made a survey

While giving a webinar, I made a survey and asked some people in a group what they were doing to influence on-page SEO on their site. A lot of them answered that they used a plugin like “Yoast” and set up title tags and meta descriptions. While this is a good start, on-page SEO can include a lot more. In fact, it can include hundreds of factors but which one? Are they all the same for all countries, all keywords and for desktops VS mobile?






Finding performance factors

Earlier, I asked how my strength and conditioning mindset could help me with SEO? Well, a strength coach doesn’t have a sports performance background in all the sports that the athletes he or she trains. So, to find performance factors, he will ask coaches and sports scientists.

Study Google

So I decided that I should study Google like sports scientists study athletes.







Some people told me that it was impossible because Google could have up to 2.3 million search results per keyword. Moreover, there’s a mobile index and a desktop index and Google has different algorithms for different countries. Those people were very persuasive because they really believed in what they were telling me.

Forgot that I’m from another industry

However, they forgot that I’m from another industry and that from that industry, I remembered 2 things.

The first thing I remembered

First, I remembered Muhammad Ali’s quote:

Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.

So I knew that I was on something.

The second thing I remembered

The second thing I remembered was that they are WAYYY more football players, soccer players or any other athletes who practice one of these sports in the world than there are search results per keyword and sports scientists still manage to isolate performance factors for each sport.






How do they do this?

How do they do this? They use correlation coefficients. Let’s make an easy example with coin flips.





Flipping a coin

If I flip a coin and I get these results

Toss 1= result is heads = probability is 0,50 = comment = OK

Toss 2= result is heads = probability is 0,25 = comment = OK

Toss 3= result is head = probability is 0,12 = comment = OK

Toss 4= result is head = probability is 0,06 = comment = Unusual

Toss 5 =result is head = probability is 0,03 = comment = Surprising

Toss 6 = result is head = probability is 0,02 = comment = Strange

Toss 7 = result is head = probability is 0,01 = comment = I don’t believe it, it’s rigged!

The amount of data is not a limitation

The conclusion is that the amount of data Google has does not change samples needed to study it scientifically. In sports, scientists study the best athletes of a certain sport and with Google, we should study the best results with a chosen keyword.

Assuming is sometimes the way to go!

There’s a saying that “Assuming make an ass– of u and me”. However, when analyzing performance factors with correlations, we assume that everything is random. For example, on this graph, x represents Google’s rankings for a keyword and Y represents the amount of this performance factor.







Coin is fair

Here, you can clearly see that this factor isn’t a ranking factor.


In statistics, there are two terms called the null hypothesis and the alternate hypothesis.The null hypothesis states that the factor we are testing is not a performance (ranking) factor, so the coin is fair! This is represented by the picture shown above.

Coin is rigged

The alternate hypothesis assumes that it is a ranking factor, and the coin is rigged! Below, you will see an image clearly showing the alternate hypothesis.





Remote possibility

We can never perfectly prove the alternate hypothesis because there’s always a tiny chance that the data is random. So in our example, there is the most remote possibility that you could randomly flip a hundred heads in a row.

Find evidence

We can only ever find evidence against the null hypothesis. Evidence against the notion that it is not a ranking factor, and seeing those measurements line up in rank order, that is good evidence.








Maths to find the rigged coins

So, correlation coefficients are a way of using math to describe whether the charts are in rank order, or whether they look random in order. Those correlation coefficients are separating the rigged coins from the fair coins.

What if???

Now, what if you could check for hundreds of on-page SEO ranking factors and find the rigged coins? What if you could measure hundreds around 500 factors out of the top 100 Google search results for the search term (keyword) that you are trying to rank for?






Again, what if?

What if you received a report with actions to implement for on-page SEO (rigged coins)? Would you want to know more about it?






Treasure map

This report is your on-page SEO roadmap that I also call your treasure map or your plan of attack!





SEO tuning

With this document, you can know how your SEO tuning is deficient from your higher ranking competitors. You can see exactly that you need 49 more of factor A and 27 more of factor B in order to be competitive. Here’s an image of how it looks like.








You will notice

You will notice that some factors are highlighted in yellow. The highlighted factors are considered easy to knock out quickly. They are the ones that you can typically fix by opening up WordPress (or any other CMS) and just changing the content of the page. The ones that are not highlighted tend to be a bit more tricky. They require you to install plugins, do some web development, reconfigure your server, or to do actions off-page.

What I recommend

What I recommend to people is to avoid changing them all. Pick five or 10 that you can knock out quickly, and knock them out.  Pick the easy ones. You can always come back later for a second pass.

What are the results?

What are the results of applying this roadmap? When the website is in good health and in good standing with Google, knocking out five or 10 of these within a short period like a day, can move the site up to eight places on Google in a 72 hour period! It can be that fast! It’s common to have that experience. Of course, it doesn’t always happen that way. If you are number three on Google and the next two sites are Amazon and Walmart, it might take a little more effort and time…






Orange is the new rigged coins!!!

The report hides the stuff that ranks below you. It hides the factors that were not strong correlations with rankings. We are looking for the charts where all the measurements were in ranked order.  If you check the correlations in the left row, you will see orange. All you need to know is that orange represents the rigged coins.





500 reduced to three dozen suspects

They are not all orange. They’re mostly not orange.  A field of more than 500 possible ranking factors (suggestions from other SEO pros) are analyzed and reduced down to three dozen likely suspects. So now, when you guess what to work on to help improve your rankings, your guesses are much better than your competitors! However, you should focus on the roadmap and implement it!

People scared

Previously, I talked about people in the industry being scared of Google algorithms changes.






You don’t care!

If you have a report or more for a keyword, and you maintain an archive, you are prepared. When, Google has a big algorithm update, and everybody on Search Engine Land is losing their mind, you don’t care. The reason you don’t care is that you take your report from the week before the update for a keyword, and you take your report for the same keyword a week after the update, and you just look at the differences in the correlating factors (orange).

 Fight the reaper

So, you have a tool to fight the reaper!






Great tool!

Isn’t it a great tool? Are you excited about it?







How much is worth this report?

How much is worth this report? The answer is it depends. I would change the question with those questions:

1-What is the search volume for your targeted keyword?

2-In Adwords, what is the Cost Per Click (CPC) of your keyword?

3-What is your website conversion rate?

4-What’s the profit you make per sale on your website?

5-How much is worth inbound traffic compared to outbound traffic?

6-How much is worth being ahead of others and worry-free when Google changes its algorithms?






The first time I sold this report

Once you’ve answered this question, you have a better idea of how much is worth this report. The first time I created this report, I sold it for $500. I know, it’s a lot of money but the person who bought it could earn up to 10 times this amount in profit for one sale!

My offer to web design agencies

I now sell it to web design agencies for $147. To prove it, you can watch this video but, if you trust me, you don’t have to.

Talk about a valuable advantage!

For them, it’s a great price because, with this tool, almost all their staff can do quality SEO without having to learn anything about it. This is a great leverage opportunity for them and they avoid outsourcing this job to an “expansive” SEO agency. This way, they can control their client’s web marketing budget (talk about a valuable advantage)!





Good price for you?

By answering the 6 questions presented previously, would $147 be a good price to pay for you to have a great return on investment (R.O.I)?


Hum… If not, I have good news for you! Because you are either an SEO colleague or a client, I will prepare this “unfair advantage on-page SEO treasure map or plan of attack” for a better price! Here’s a cartoon image picturing sports cheating that I use because it totally illustrates the effectiveness of this tool.









I’m willing to…

I’m willing to give you access to this “unfair advantage treasure map report” for $49!

Another advantage

I’m Canadian so it’s $49 Canadian dollars (CAD). If you’re American because CAD is less valuable than USD,  you will pay approximately $38 to $39 USD, it might slightly fluctuate to more or less than that depending on the ratio CAD to USD.  My Paypal account is set up in Canadian dollars (CAD) and I have no interest in switching it in USD for many reasons. So this is great for you!

Compensate this super friendly price with…

The reason I’m making this price so low is that I want this report to help you with as many keywords as possible so that you can fully take advantage of this precious tool.

Take action immediately

To have access to this report, take action immediately and fill out this form and you will receive this great report 2 working-days later maximum.

This is a great opportunity and you should thrive on it!






SEO is an arms race!

Remember that SEO is an arms race and he who has the best weapons usually wins. The good part is that you get a tank for the price of a slingshot!