What Are Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) And Why Should Your Website Have A Version Of Them?

The AMP project

The AMP project was created to improve the loading speed for mobile device web visitors going to a website. It loads even faster than a mobile friendly website. It was created by Google to compete with Facebook Instant Articles so that you can write content on your website and it will load as fast as if you would write an article on Facebook.

If the loading time is too long…

With more and more people using mobile devices to go to websites if the loading time is too long, it creates frustration and people leave your site even if it’s ranking well in Google. This is bad because your conversion rate diminishes and the bounce rate increases. The latter might even influence your rankings in Google because the algorithm takes this factor into consideration to assess if people enjoy the search results that are presented to them.

Using AMP has 2 big advantages over Facebook Instant Articles

Using AMP has 2 big advantages over Facebook Instant Articles.

  1.  Your article remains on your own website so you have more control over it by bringing the traffic to it instead of bringing it to Facebook. This traffic will empower your website metrics instead of Facebook’s one.
  2.  There is no change in the advertising pricing or how the advertising income is divided between the writer and Facebook because Google doesn’t care about keeping you on its site or app as opposed to Facebook.

Early adopters

An Early adopter of AMP will have an advantage over his competitors because, for mobile devices, the search results will show the AMP logo which is a lightning to inform that this page is loading faster than the others. We can create an AMP version of your website so that you will benefit from the efforts you put in your web visibility for mobile device internet users.

Better rankings

Also, in a near future, websites that have an AMP version will probably have better rankings in Google because it will become a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm to improve the user’s experience of clicking on pertinent and satisfying search results. Would you like to have this little logo beside your website when it’s showing in Mobile Google search results? If so, fill out our discovery form and tell us more about your business so that we can help you spread your business mission statement!