Avoiding Click Fraud For Your Digital Marketing

Viral video

Recently, a viral video in social medias showed a Chinese click farm giving likes on Facebook. While this click farm phenomenon might be new in the awareness of a lot of internet users, this problem has been around for a while.


Precise information…

In digital marketing, this problem often happens with Facebook ads or with Adwords campaigns. A click farm might click on your ad and your whole budget will pass through that. Will you be aware of it? Some people think that Facebook stats or Google Analytics will give them the precise information they need in order to have a grasp about their click through rate, conversion rate, and other important metrics.



The problem is that in this situation, Facebook and Google make money by selling you Facebook ads or Google Adwords campaigns and these very same companies provide you your stats with Google Analytics or Facebook stats.


What would you do?

Imagine that you found out that your Adwords campaign had been sabotaged by a click farm. Now, imagine that you put a budget of 20 K in this campaign… What would be the first thing that you would think of to fix the problem?


Do they want you to know?

You would probably ask Google for a refund to do another Google Adwords campaign or to use your budget with another marketing strategy. To get this refund, you would need to have very good proofs that you have been attacked by a click farm. Do you think that Google wants you to know and to provide them proofs that your Google Adwords campaign has been hit by a click farm?


How will you know?

If they close their eyes on that matter, how will you know that your campaign has been hit by click fraud? You will never know it…You might see your low conversion rate and think that this marketing campaign is really bad when in fact, it was hit by a click farm or manually by a competitor who doesn’t necessarily want you to succeed.


Free from conflict of interest

There are ways to know if your website is hit by click fraud. The problem is that those solutions are generally offered by companies who don’t sell Google Adwords campaigns or Facebook ads but mostly SEO because they have no conflict of interest in doing so.



Imagine a solution where the data analysis is very robust by:

  • Verifying the connection by analyzing the IP address of the visitor for unique data sets.
  • Verifying the devices by keeping records and information of the one visiting your website.
  • Verifying the browser used so that every device has different browser options.
  • Creating a unique fingerprint for every visitor going to your website.
  • Figuring out if it’s a robot or a human visit.
  • Figuring out if it’s a good robot or bad one crawling your website.
  • Protecting your website from being exposed to click fraud by giving you the power to create personalized filters.


An unbelievable example!!!

As an example, here are 2 pictures showing data from Google Analytics and data from this tool in the same period on the same website. The data is so different that it seems like 2 different websites. The Google Analytics picture is in French but all you have to know is that it counts 278 sessions (visits) during this period.  According to the tool presented below, the website received 6794 visits among which 4743 were bad visitors and 2051 were good visitors. This is a HUGE discrepancy that might do the difference between succeeding and failing in your digital marketing endeavor.















Possible to have access to this information

Does this information look interesting for a business using digital marketing to get leads? If your Adwords campaign or Facebook ads are targeting the right visitors, then perfect. If not, this information might suggest you change a thing or two in your digital marketing strategy. We provide this click fraud prevention solution alone or combined with a complete SEO strategy.

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