Does SEO work?

Nothing better than facts to prove a point

I often hear this question.  Opinions might sometimes be useful but there’s nothing better than facts to prove a point.

Case study

Here’s the case study of a website. This website was ranking 7th in Google for a specific keyword and on the last day of the graph, Google’s algorithm decided to rank it number 2 for the same keyword.









As you can see

As you can see in dark blue, the traffic coming from organic results skyrocketed.

Attract traffic

So if you want to know if SEO works, it works to attract traffic to your web property, landing page or opt-in page. This is extremely important for monetization!

SEO works so well, it can become a problem…

Obviously, if your marketing funnel isn’t well crafted and if your sales letter or video isn’t triggering the right psychological effect so that the visitor will respond positively to the “Call To Action”, then SEO won’t work for monetization. SEO works so well that it can become a problem. Let me explain.


Because up to 50 % of people searching for a keyword will click on the first organic search result, it creates a problem. How can that be a problem?

This might sound great but…

Web property owners who receive as much “free” traffic sometimes forget to fine tune their website because they don’t have to worry about their Click Through Rate (CTC), their Cost Per Click (CPC) and the ad policies of companies that sell ads and they can be a pain in the butt!!! This might sound great in terms of stress management but in terms of web efficiency for monetization, the danger is to become lazy.









Stay sharp

So SEO works to attract traffic like no other method but the web property owners who benefit from organic search traffic need to stay sharp with the other monetization factors of their web property. If not, people will say that SEO doesn’t work which is a bad conclusion.

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