My Favorite and the Best Webinar Software

Due to obvious reasons, a lot of people tell me that they want to run webinars for their business and they ask me what webinar software is the best and the easiest to use.

It’s easy for me to answer this question but before doing so, there’s an even more important question to ask. This question is:

Why should I use a webinar to grow my business? Here are the answers:

  • Webinars are probably one of the best ways to attract people on an email list. An email list is a great digital asset, especially if it’s big.
  • The subscription to a free or paid webinar is already a micro engagement of people’s time and maybe money. This means that it’s great to improve the quality of leads!
  • Webinars are super interactive because people see the presenter and they can ask questions quickly.
  •  Webinars are one of the best ways to leverage your time and energy to reach a big audience from everywhere in the world.
  • Webinars are often live and it’s possible to create automated/recorded webinars to have even more leverage on time and energy.
  • Webinars reduce travel expense and everyone is comfortable and close to their family after them.
  • If well structured by a copywriter and well presented by the host, a webinar can be the perfect balance between information and a tool to make an offer that will be irresistible for your audience.

Here’s an important semi-true motto about marketing: “Marketing is giving people what they want, not necessarily what they need.” This can be frustrating for the consultant who has uncommon knowledge (and thus has the potential to become an industry disruptor!!!).

A webinar can help this type of expert to position himself as THE expert and will let him educate his audience so that what they need will become what they want. Then, he can make them an offer that will be very difficult to match by competitors because his prospects will now use his framework to make their buying decisions!

After all, this expert is preeminent in his field because of his webinars that increase his credibility.

That’s all great positive points about webinars and before deciding to host them, it’s important to do due diligence. Taking great decisions always comes from asking great questions.

So here’s the question I would ask:

What are the inconveniences of webinars?

  • Some webinar software platforms require a demanding learning curve to use them.
  • Some webinar software platforms need to be downloaded on your computer.
  • Some webinar software platforms take too much time to prepare an event.
  • Some webinar software platforms need to be used with other tools to create the whole subscription and marketing process.
  • Some webinar software platforms will push you to use many screens because the user experience for the presenter/host is difficult or almost impossible to manage with only one screen.
  • Some webinar software platforms rely on technology where sound and images break too often which destroys the interactivity experience of the audience.
  • Some webinar software platforms hardly connect to other apps.
  • Some webinar software platforms will limit the number of registrations you can have on your webinar. Imagine what you could lose if your event became viral and a lot more people than expected wanted to subscribe to your webinar!
  • Some webinar software platforms have very bad if any customer support…

Now with these inconveniences, some might wonder if webinars are still a good idea or not.

wondering if webinars are good

They are a good idea and some webinar platforms (I’m thinking of one in particular) have been leaders in the webinar world for many years. Yet, they probably need to improve to adapt to the reality of today’s technology (apps). The problem is that those platforms seem to have a complacent mentality that works by the motto: “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.”

With this kind of mentality, it’s tough to be a market disruptor that will become an outlier in the webinar industry. Trust me, this industry will grow exponentially and people (prospects) will have high expectations as audience standards.

So if we get back to the first question and rephrase it, it would be:

What is the best webinar software for today and more importantly, for tomorrow?

The answer is Webinar Ninja

The first reason why it’s my webinar software platform of predilection is because of how easy it is to use it for anybody. It’s simple and very intuitive to use. Even non-tech grandpa or grandma could create a webinar in 10 seconds with this tool!

Look at this picture and try to evaluate how much time it would take you to create a webinar with this tool.

Create a webinar in 10 seconds

My second reason is because of their great customer support. It’s very intuitive and if you happen to have a question, their team will answer you very fast because they are available 24/7.

Finally, my last reason is that this webinar software has features and benefits for you that no other webinar platform offers. In fact, Webinar Ninja offers powerful built-in marketing tools that would otherwise be needed if you were to use GoToWebinar (oops, I revealed the name of the old leader…)

Here are many of those great tools, features, and benefits

  • Pre-recorded videos can be integrated into the webinar presentation so that you can show a video example without having to leave your webinar presentation and risking that it lags for your audience.
  • An unlimited number of subscribers that’s great to make sure that there’s always enough room so that all your opportunities can be scaled to their full potential!
  • You can display your screen with only your camera, only your presentation, half and half or many more displays easily with only one screen!
  • A dynamic chat that is faster than other platforms and engages better your audience so that they are more prone to stay focused (as opposed to multi-tasking on their screen).
  • Questions are separated from the chat so that it’s easy to find them so that it’s easier to answer all of them and your audience will be happier!
  • Polls to survey your audience to engage them and to adjust to their feedback!
  • Your attendees only need to register for ONE event with their name and email. After that, your attendees won’t have to give this information again for another webinar that you do. This is a great experience for your audience!
  • Anytime offers to monetize your webinar!
  • Automated & series webinars to put in place a system that could scale infinitely your education, marketing, and sales efforts!
  • There’s no software to download (so it’s much faster than GoToWebinar)
  • There’s a free 14-day trial period so that you can try it before you buy it so that you are sure that you make a GREAT decision for your business.
  • The price is half of the price of the old leader…Do I have to say more about this?
  • You can cancel at any time.

Here’s how a free webinar subscription form can look like. Does that look professional?

Webinar registration page

Here’s how a paid webinar registration page can look like.

Paid webinar subscription page

Here’s how it looks inside the platform. In this example, we can see the host’s cover page before the beginning of the webinar.

Webinar Starting

Here’s how it looks inside this webinar software when the event is started. In this picture, the host has a cohost live in person with him.

webinar running

Also, the analytics dashboard is very interesting to analyze your event.

Webinar statistics

Also, there’s another feature that is super cool. Webinar Ninja has a webinar finder (like a search engine) where people can search for webinars on different topics. This could bring extra subscriptions to your webinar!

Webinar finder

Webinars will be more and more important in the future of business because it’s safe if we need social distanciation or quarantine and it’s eco-friendly if you can save a few trips.

If you’re thinking about starting to use webinars as a business tool, jump like a ninja on this tool and use Webinar Ninja (you have a 14-day free trial period).

Webinar Ninja jump leap of faithAre professional image and peace of mind important to you when you host a webinar?

Webinar Ninja is THE way to go!

This video sums it all very well by explaining perfectly why this cloud-based S.A.A.S webinar platform is the very best there is on the market for now and for many years to come. Here’s your chance to use the Ferrari of webinars for a fraction of the price of other solutions!


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