Hi, I am Nicolas Roy!

Are you looking for a way to sell your products or services online?

Do you have the feeling that this is a great opportunity but it could be risky for your R.O.I?

I had no experience in business or marketing

I grew up as a kid and I really liked sports. My two main sports were karate and track and field. After going to University and being a good track and field athlete, I started a strength and conditioning business to train athletes and weekend warriors. I had no experience in business or marketing.

Stay humble and avoid being a show-off

I was coached to stay humble and avoid being a show-off.

In this world where image and branding are everything (especially in the sports performance industry), living by these principles is difficult if you want to survive as an entrepreneur. I quickly realized it so I started to show what I could do to attract people’s awareness to my business.

I even jumped over a car in a charity event to raise money and for marketing!

At that time, I had written a book on how to improve vertical jump and I thought that because I would send traffic to this website, it would sell like crazy.

Wow, I was so WRONG.

This event was a quantum leap for my business exposure but my problem was that even if a lot of people went to my business website, it didn’t convert into a lot of sales. I didn’t sell more than 20 copies of that book after this “super marketing event”.

The problem is that I had invested a good amount of time, money and energy in the process of writing, self-publishing and self-promoting my book online. As a strength and conditioning coach, my resources were very limited. The sad part of this is that I didn’t understand my digital marketing mistakes during this experience.

So I thought that I needed, even more, visitors to my website because we need visitors to sell online!!!

Started with search engine optimization (SEO)

I started my digital marketing journey with search engine optimization to sell more books. So I followed SEO courses with the best SEO experts in the world. Having an athletic background, I’m a very competitive person so I really like to fight over others to rank in Google, Youtube or Amazon.

Learning everything to please their algorithm became a very strong passion that I have! This is why my agency name is Roy SEO!

However, at that time, I was working on my book and my sports performance business. After realizing that I had 8 spots out of 10 on page 1 of Google for a good keyword, I realized that I knew how to influence Google!

I wasn’t selling a whole lot but I knew how to rank!!!

So I decided to start part-time with my sports performance business my SEO agency: Roy SEO

My first clients were very happy with their rankings in Google and their sales went up but not as much as what they had thought.

Hum, was SEO a deceiving traffic method? I knew that studies had shown that 30 to 50 % of people who search for a keyword in Google click on the first result and these clients were number 1… I had to find the problem so I started looking for answers and studied like a madman.

When I found my answers and tested them, I sold my sports performance business that was now making good money for my partner to focus exclusively on digital marketing with Roy SEO.

Never been a time in history where it’s more difficult to sell to your prospects for the first time than now.

In fact, a secret that I learned during this intense learning process is that:

  • There’s never been a time in history where it’s more difficult to sell to your prospects on the first time than now.
  • There’s never been a time in history where it’s easier than now to sell to your prospects on the second time!

The only thing you need to do is to create a relationship with your clients and avoid trying to close them right away or lose contact with them. This is called interactive marketing.

What had happened to me at first happens to many entrepreneurs who lose a lot of money when they decide to sell online

I realized that what had happened to me at first is what happens to many entrepreneurs who lose a lot of money when they decide to sell online.

This is what usually happens:

  • You hire a web design agency that will create a very nice looking website at a high price.
  • After a month or a few months, you realize that the website is an expensive virtual card that nobody pays attention to.
  • End of the story, you think that making money online is for others.
  • If you ask the web design agency, why you see no results, they might think of bringing traffic to your website.
  • They won’t even think of a previous step…

Does that seem like a familiar experience?

Does that seem like a familiar experience? If so, you are like a big portion of business owners who hire a web agency to have a website. They do a good job of creating a good looking website with a great logo and nice pictures but…

There’s a proverb saying: “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

Plan your goal backward

When you have a goal, you should plan backward to be able to achieve it. This means that you will start from the end goal and then you will create steps until you reach where you are right now. This will create steps that really leads to your goal because there’s a proverb saying: “Before climbing the ladder of success, make sure that it’s on the right wall.”

So if your final step is to sell your product or services to your website visitors, you need to think about:

  • The avatar of your typical visitor/prospect.
  • The offers that you will make to him or her.
  • What will be their journey so that they finally buy your product?
  • Will you offer to upsell if they buy?
  • Will you create a community with your website visitors to strengthen your brand?
  • What will you do with prospects who visit your site and leave without buying?
  • Will you keep in touch with them?

This is called creating marketing funnels: it should be the first step in your digital marketing plan.

What I’ve realized with time is that most SEO agencies only focus on ranking in search engines to bring traffic. While this is extremely important and we love to do so, we focus on step 1 before focusing on ranking!

Then,  as a second step, you should focus on attracting visitors to your website. You can do this with many methods depending on the type of business that you have.

Due to my competitiveness, I love search engine optimization where websites fight for visibility over certain specific keywords in Google, Youtube or Amazon.

Businesses that do not exist on the front page of Google, Youtube or Amazon may as well not exist.

Big search engines such as Google, Youtube, and Amazon handle billions of queries each month and in most cases, users do not go beyond the first page of search results. People have been conditioned to trust the first-page search results. This conditioning has a huge impact on businesses that do not have their website ranking on the first page. In the eyes of many consumers, businesses that do not exist on the front page may as well not exist.

Here’s a joke in the SEO industry

There are hundreds of SEO agencies with tall claims but choosing the right one can be challenging. Here are a few questions you can ask them …

  1. How will you build or check my funnel(s) to create the perfect journey for my clients?
  2. Will you give me insights into the quality of the content (sales copywriting for conversion)?
  3. Will my website be mobile-friendly if it isn’t?
  4. Where should the traffic directed to my marketing funnel come from (Google, Youtube, Amazon, etc.)?
  5. Will you provide a website audit for my on page optimization?
  6. Is it possible to have a comparison of my SEO with my actual competition?
  7. What is your plan for how SEO will be done for my web property?
  8.  Will you use Analytics to show me how I’m doing in terms of R.O.I.?

The most important question to ask an SEO agency is: “Do you care if I sell or do you only care about my rankings?”

If they can’t answer these questions, they can’t really help you with your SEO.

To attract traffic to your website, other methods exist and will work. It all depends on your business model, the market you are targeting, the duration of the visibility that you expect and of course your budget. We also offer these traffic generation services if they fit your business.

Finally, you should focus on the structure of the website and its look like the third and last step.

Finally, you should focus on the structure of the website and its look as the last step.

So if you start with the last step before thinking about the previous one, you will fail and it’s totally normal. It’s like asking someone to study for a University exam without completing high school

In this example, it’s obvious that the person will fail because almost everyone went to school and it’s easy to relate it. However, selling online is often a new venture for business owners and this is why it’s less obvious to succeed when you have no reference for it. There’s a saying that states:

Experience is learning from your mistakes and wisdom is learning from someone else’s mistakes.”

You have the choice to learn with experience or with wisdom…

If you decide to sell online, I strongly suggest that you do it with wisdom to avoid losing so much money as the Gold Diggers did during the Klondike Gold Rush. In both situations, there are great financial opportunities and in both cases, the entrepreneur needs or needed back then someone who knew the territory to rely on. Or else, the risk VS reward ratio is way too high.

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