How long does it take to rank with SEO work?

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving and it’s the best time to answer this question because I often use this metaphor to answer this question.

Important Question and Answer

Here is this important question “how long does it take to rank with SEO work?”.









This question is a tricky one because a few questions need to be asked to estimate the duration it will take and it’s not an exact science. Here are a few questions that your trusted SEO agency should ask you to assess the elements of the answer properly:

1A-In which search engine do you want to rank?

1B-Is it Amazon, Youtube or Google?

2-What is the keyword difficulty?


Amazon is the fastest search engine that responds to SEO but the SEO agency needs to be very precise in their work.


Youtube is tricky. You can rank super fast but you need to have engagement such as views and comments really fast after the video was posted. If not, it will be tougher to rank it. Of course, if you have viral content, this shouldn’t be difficult.


Ranking on Google will usually take between 6 months and a year and it can take more if the keyword difficulty is very high. It can take less if the competition is low but in that case, the value of the money attached to this keyword is also low. Google is the search engine where it takes the most time to rank a website for 2 reasons:

A-It’s the biggest search engine in the world and it wants to protect from the perception that the results can be rigged so that the results can be trusted by its users.

B-If it reacted fast to SEO work, it would be very easy to study its ranking algorithms and everybody would know how to do it. Hence, the previous reason would be affected.

For keyword difficulty, it will be influenced by the length of the keyword and the number of monthly searches.

For example, “New York criminal lawyer” will have a very high keyword difficulty (49 %)







While the keyword “Finding a good criminal lawyer in the state of New York” will have a keyword difficulty a little bit easier (but still very high of 43%) because it’s a “long tail keyword”.







3-How old is your domain name?
Is it new or is it old? New websites are longer to rank because the domain has no history and thus no trust.

4-Have you ever hired an SEO agency before?
If you have and you didn’t get good results, it might take longer. The new SEO agency will probably need to fix the mess of the previous work before starting its own work.

5-What is your domain name?

Some domains rank better than others. Some will say that it’s because of the domain’s age and if it has backlinks pointing towards it (point 3). This will help but another thing to consider is if it has a keyword in it. If it has a keyword in it, it’s good to rank for this keyword because a domain name is a big commitment that can’t be changed, unlike the URL, the meta title, the meta description or the text of a website and Google knows it.

However, a business needs to be careful with using an Exact Match Domain (EMD) like as it can easily be over optimized and Google hates over optimization. Also, it’s not very good to strengthen a brand’s name…

Not an exact science

With all the answers of all those questions, it becomes much easier to answer the initial question with an estimation because it’s not an exact science.


I also think that the more time will go, the more time it will take to rank a website on Google because the content is always increasing and thus the internet is always in an expansion. It will take more and more time for Google to crawl the Internet. This means that this answer is good for now but what will be in the future? This is a mystery.

Having a farming mentality

One thing is sure when you hire an SEO agency to do Google SEO, you need to have a farming mentality. In spring, when the farmer plants vegetables in his field, he won’t dig his field a month later to check if his vegetables are growing. He will wait patiently for the harvest.


Then, the crops are going to be so good that the farmer and the community will celebrate Thanksgiving! This is exactly the mentality that a business should have with SEO.






Being patient enough

Of course, SEO is only one traffic generation method and while waiting for the “crops” to be ready, you can attract traffic with other traffic generation methods. However, SEO is great because it’s an inbound marketing method and it attracts people that are looking for you! Business owners who are patient enough to do SEO will celebrate their Thanksgiving! Here’s a case short case study showing you why.