My Name is Nicolas Roy

I’m the owner of the digital marketing agency Roy SEO. I haven’t always been a digital marketing expert. In fact, life through a challenge at me and I responded.

Previous career

In a previous career, I was a strength and conditioning coach who was training professional and Olympic athletes. I had my own company. I was training athletes and giving lectures everywhere in Canada.

Big Decision

A few years ago, I made a big decision with my partner. We decided that we wanted to grow our strength and conditioning company. So we hired a web agency to design a very nice website thinking that every dollar invested in this website would give us an R.O.I of 2$. Because of our aggressive and competitive mindset, we decided to go all out in this venture. This mindset reminds me of the time where I decided to jump over a car to raise money for multiple sclerosis.

Which decision was the best?

The result was much better with the car jump than with the web decision.  In fact, our website ended up costing us a lot of money. In fact, it cost us so much money that my partner left the company for many reasons and the company almost bankrupt.

I had to do something

I had to do something but what? I saw an ad for a search engine optimization (SEO) course that I decided to take to improve my web visibility. So again, I went all out in this course because I had to succeed.


I started studying this course like a madman so that I could rank my website on Google so that it would generate leads. Because I’m a competitive guy, I had good success with it. Did it work? Here are the results that were showing at some point for a great keyword for this company.

Following this course

When following the course,  I realized 2 things. I realized that I could help a lot of businesses with SEO and I realized that my thirst for competition could be satisfied with this SEO because every keyword is a competition and Google, Youtube or Amazon are the judges that decide which website and thus business is the winner for that specific keyword.

Marketing failure on Amazon

After learning the basics of how to rank a website on Google, I started to learn Amazon SEO which uses different ranking factors to please the different algorithms. It was funny because I had written a self-published book that was on sell on Amazon and I learned exactly why it was a marketing failure. Back then, I thought that this book would be successful but I did so many marketing mistakes that it’s no wonder that it wasn’t a big success.



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Less efficient way 

Experience is the less efficient way to learn because I learned from my mistakes that cost me time, money and energy.  Learning from someone else or being helped by someone who has been there and done that is a much better decision to make.

Decided to sell

When I realized that I really knew how to influence Google and Amazon in their search results, I decided to help a few local businesses to make sure that I was able to help others. The results in rankings, in lead generation and in income generation were so great for those companies, I decided to sell my strength and conditioning business and start my digital marketing agency called Roy SEO.

Started with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is great about SEO is that it’s very similar to sports performance. In sports performance, you always need to be eager to learn new things or else, your competitors will outperform you. In SEO, you have to constantly study algorithms because they change regularly in an attempt for the search engines to stay as impartial as possible.

Why Invest in SEO?

With so many digital marketing methods, why should a business take the decision to invest in search engine optimization? This is a great question. What is great with search engines is that people are in a very good mindset when they type a search query. They want to find a website because they’ve asked for it. In comparison, on many social media, people are in a « scroll down » mode and ads are only an interruption marketing that might work due to great filters that help to target the market but these ads weren’t requested.

Credibility mark

Also, being number one in organic search results on Google is a great credibility mark.

Why not use..?

Some people acknowledge that being visible on a search engine such as Google is great because people typed a search query but why not use pay per click (Adwords) which is another good search engine marketing (SEM) method? This is also a great question! My answer has 2 parts:

  1. Number of leads generated
  2. Building a digital asset VS investing in a temporary solution

Here’s a great 2-minute video explaining it very well …

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