How long does it take to rank with SEO work and why it’s important for your business?

Important Question and Answer

Here is the important answer to the important question “how long does it take to rank with SEO work?









This question is a tricky one because a few questions need to be asked to estimate the duration it will take and it’s not an exact science. Furthermore, once answered, this initial question should raise other very important questions.

Assess the answer properly 

Here are a few questions that your trusted SEO agency should ask you to assess the elements of the answer properly:

1A-In which search engine do you want to rank?

1B-Is it Amazon, Youtube or Google?

2-What is the keyword difficulty?

Amazon is the fastest search engine that responds to SEO but the SEO agency needs to be very precise in their work or else Amazon will smash your product with a penalty.

Youtube is tricky. It usually takes  2-3 months for a video to rank but again, if the competition is very strong for a keyword (keyword difficulty) it might take much longer. Ranking a Youtube video in Google is usually very long and very difficult in regular search results!

Ranking in Google will usually take between 6 months and a year and it can take more if the keyword difficulty is very high. Google is the search engine where it takes the most time to rank a website for 2 reasons:

A-It’s the biggest search engine in the world and it wants to protect from the perception that the results can be rigged so that the results can be trusted by its users.

B-If it reacted fast to SEO work, it would be very easy to study its ranking algorithm and everybody would know how to do it. Hence, the previous reason would be affected.

For keyword difficulty, it will be influenced by the length of the keyword and the number of monthly searches.

For example, “New York criminal lawyer” will have a very high keyword difficulty (49 %)


While “Finding a good criminal lawyer in the state of New York” will have a keyword difficulty a little bit easier (but still very high of 43%) because it’s a “long tail keyword”.


3-How old is your website?

Is it new or is it old? New websites are longer to rank because the domain has no history and thus no trust.

4A-Have you ever hired an SEO agency before?

If you have and you didn’t get good results, it might take longer. The new SEO agency will probably need to fix the mess of the previous work before starting its own work.







5-What is your domain and your extension?

Some extensions are easier than others to rank. So if you don’t have a website and you haven’t bought your domain name yet, you should ask an SEO expert to help you to decide how to chose it.

With all these answers, it becomes much easier to answer the initial question with an estimation because it’s not an exact science.

Raise another important question

Furthermore, this initial question should raise other important questions to answer to a prospect :

If it’s longer than Pay-per-click (PPC), why should I invest in search engine optimization (SEO)?

Why is SEO important for a business?

This video explains it all!

Finally, here’s the case study of one of our clients that proves that the information in this video is true.

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