Is SEO Dead?

Awkward answer for an SEO expert

Because of social media’s popularity, some people ask “is SEO dead?” The answer is it depends and it can be yes or it can be no. This is an awkward answer for an SEO expert isn’t?

Details and nuances

I should answer no to this question and prove it all the way but that would be a black and white scenario and I’m all about details and nuances!

A lot of traffic but…

If your conceptualization of search engine optimization is to rank a website in Google only without taking the website’s purpose into consideration, the answer is yes, this practice is slowly dying. If the website ranks for a very competitive keyword that has a lot of monthly searches, you can be sure that it will attract a lot of traffic but…






In this case, SEO is almost dead

If your website has no marketing funnel which is a predetermined pathway that starts with a very compelling title and is elaborated smoothly to lead to a predetermined action like a subscription to an email list, a subscription to a webinar, an appointment to a phone consultation, or any other process that will eventually offer to buy your product or service, then SEO is almost dead. People will come to your website and leave without taking action and they will probably never come back again…








Service needed urgently

The exception to this situation is if you need a service urgently. For example, if your toilet is leaking and you need a plumber, you won’t check on Facebook, you will probably Google “your city plumber” and call the first one that seems trustworthy. Another good example would be to find a roofer when your roof is leaking. This is the modern Yellow Pages!

SEO fully alive!!!

For services where the consumer can take time to find a product or service, SEO will extremely help if the website that is ranking has a great sales copy and a very good marketing funnel. In this case, SEO is combined with interactive marketing techniques and it’s fully alive!!!

One hand on desktop and one in on the wallet

This is true for Google but also for Youtube, Pinterest or Amazon SEO because these search engines are also very important. SEO is about all these search engines! Search engine optimization is very powerful, especially when there’s a buyer intent in the keyword search. For example, typing “buying a new watch” on Google or Amazon. In this case, the person doing the research has one hand on the desktop or mobile device and one hand on the wallet!






This statement applies to Facebook ads but…

The statement about sales copy and marketing funnels also applies to Facebook ads.  The thing is that most businesses that use Facebook ads use them properly for 2 reasons:

  1. Facebook ads are much more recent that SEO. SEO is a digital marketing practice that is old enough so that it has seen the shift between the age where only having a website was super innovative to the age where having a website that doesn’t have a great sales copy and a great visitor journey (marketing funnel) is worthless.
  2. With Facebook ads, businesses can track their click-through rate (CTC) and if their stats are bad, their cost per click (CPC) will increase. This is a good incentive to put a great effective marketing funnel in place. With SEO, once your website is ranking and the SEO expert has done the job, you have a digital asset that attracts floods of “free traffic”. The business that has this blessing doesn’t have an as strong incentive to put a great marketing funnel in place. After all, when they check their Google Analytics, they see that they have a lot of visitors. The problem is that when no effective funnel is in place, people leave immediately and the bounce rate of the website climbs to the roof!

Time for a party and a Holiday!

The other aspect is that SEO will take more time to have results than Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. However, it will have other great advantages that are often overlooked. SEO is all about having a farmer mentality when harvesting the crops because when the crops are ready, it’s time for a party, a fest and a holiday like Thanksgiving!!! This means that it’s clearly the best method to attract visitor to your website and by far!!!






Another great aspect of SEO

Another great aspect of SEO is that the visibility results depend on the amount of knowledge, work and competitiveness of the SEO expert that you hire because he has the power to influence your visibility against your competitors. Search engine are the judges! People who know my background know that I crave for competition and challenges! Ask for their personal result by asking where does their agency rank?







In conclusion, when doing SEO, you or your SEO expert should beware of this or your SEO campaign might be a flop and you might become a victim that lives the experience that “SEO is dead”. Roy SEO is aware of sales copywriting and funnel marketing and we help you by reviewing every aspect that is treated in this article.






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