Be seen on Google or...

Is it easy for people to find you on Google when they make a query? If not, it’s like if you had forgotten to put your business in the phone book. Your website doesn’t exist for your prospect.

Is Amazon your ally or your enemy?

If you sell products online, you are probably aware that 75% of people who buy online go to Amazon. Having an Amazon listing or many of them is a great opportunity!

Sales Copywriting to the rescue

It’s good to be seen on Google, Youtube or Amazon but content must be great and bring people to a good psychological state so that they will be in a good mood to buy or respond to any other call to action.


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— Devin Schumacher

Lawyer’s SEO Expert Agency

When a lawyer is urgently needed…

If you are a lawyer, you are aware that a lot of your potential clients look for your services when they are urgently needed.






When in need, where to find a good lawyer?

If people need an attorney; they won’t find this service on Facebook and probably not on yellow pages also. They will look for this service on Google. A study suggests that 53 % of people who make a search on Google will click on the first organic result! So, the law firm that ranks well for a particular keyword like for example: “New York criminalist lawyer” will receive around 50% of the leads (monthly searches) on its website! The second position will receive around 15 % of them, and the third place will receive around 9 % of them.

Can we influence Google?

Can we influence Google to improve our visibility in its search results? Because Google ranks website by assessing them with differents factors that are taken into consideration with an algorithm, the answer is yes. However, Google doesn’t like to be manipulated because it wants to be as impartial as possible. The action of improving Google, Youtube or any other search engine results is called search engine optimization or SEO. This professional skill needs to be done safely so that Google doesn’t penalize your website for trying to influence the algorithm.

Far from the first page in Google?

This means that if your website has no visibility at all on Google by being ranked far from the first page for the keywords that your prospects use to find your services, you are loosing a lot of business. it might take a few months before you get visibility but it will happen if you work with a good SEO agency. If you are in a rush to improve your visibility on Google, then search engine optimization is a bad choice for you.

Is SEO for you?

In this situation, it might take a few months before you get visibility but it will happen if you work with a good SEO agency. If you are in a rush to improve your visibility on Google, then search engine optimization is a bad choice for you. If you can wait to transform your website into a digital marketing asset like an almost permanent billboard on the Google highway, then it’s for you






In a rush for visibility

Lawyers that are in a rush to have visibility, which is a bad sign,  usually use Adwords instead of SEO to appear rapidly on Google. While this might look like a good idea, there are many downfalls to this option. First of all, up to 7 law firms can have an ad on the first page. Knowing, from the article cited precedently, that paid ads only attract 15 % of leads; this 15 % is divided by seven companies who compete in an auction to have the best spot.

Temporary solution

Second, because the marketing budget is paid per click (PPC) on your site or paid by impressions (PCM) meaning that you pay every time that someone sees your ads, it might create problems. Some competitors might click on your ads to spend your marketing budget. Some of you might think that lawyers don’t have time for this. You are right, but they can hire firms who have “click farms” or robots to do so… Finally, Adwords are temporary solutions because whenever you stop paying, you disappear from Google.

A fight 

With SEO, because you appear in organic results, Google will keep you there for a while except if your competitors do SEO and then Google prefers their site to yours. This might take more or less time depending on the competition on keywords. This becomes then a fight between SEO agencies like some law firms have to fight for certain cases.

The video analysis of your website for free

If you want the free video analysis of your website that brings a comparison with your strongest competitors for specific keywords that you want to target, fill in this discovery form. We will send you the video document protected by a keyword so that you will know more about your website and your competitors than you have ever known before!