Be seen on Google or...

Is it easy for people to find you on Google when they make a query? If not, it’s like if you had forgotten to put your business in the phone book. Your website doesn’t exist for your prospect.

Is Amazon your ally or your enemy?

If you sell products online, you are probably aware that 75% of people who buy online go to Amazon. Having an Amazon listing or many of them is a great opportunity!

Sales Copywriting to the rescue

It’s good to be seen on Google, Youtube or Amazon but content must be great and bring people to a good psychological state so that they will be in a good mood to buy or respond to any other call to action.


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— Devin Schumacher

Increase your business web visibility and credibility

Do you want your business to have a better online visibility so that you can reach new prospects? Do you have an excellent website but the problem is that it doesn’t convert into sales? Are you deceived by the small impact of your site in your business income? If so, you can change the situation.






Imagine that your website is a store and that the traffic on your site is the amount of person that visit your store. Of course, not all person will buy, but if you bring more individuals, you will probably make more sales than if your store is empty. Your offer needs to be fair in the market regarding price and perceived value compared with what your competition has to offer.

The vital question is:  is it possible to drive more traffic to your website? The answer is yes. Imagine if your site could appear higher on Google, Youtube or Amazon when someone is looking for a particular keyword that relates to the service or product that you sell. Wouldn’t this be a good form of advertisement? By using multiple tactics, we can increase your business visibility in these search engines so that your website will attract more traffic.

Influencing search engine results is a professional skill named Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the best thing that can happen to a business that wants to increase its number of leads from the web. Here’s a simple video explaining why SEO is much more efficient than any form of Pay Per Clic (PPC).

SEO is a very efficient way to attract leads because people who use search engines are really looking for a service or a product. For example, if your house has a water leak, where will you look to find a plumber? Will you go on Facebook or on Google to type: “your city + plumber” as your keyword? When your website appears on Google with a query, people are much more prone to buy the products or services that you have to offer. When you want to buy a product, will you go on Amazon or on Facebook? Yes, you will go on Amazon. If you are looking for tutorials on DIY projects, will you go on Facebook or Youtube? Will this Youtube video let you the opportunity to sell a tool for the DIY project?

What is great with SEO is that you avoid being an interruption marketing method. People are really looking for your products or services!

According to LinkedIn, SEO is one of the top professional skills for business in 2017. If you want a free video analysis of your website’s SEO situation that will be protected by a password when you will receive it, fill out this form.

Once you fill the form and click on the send button, you will get a free video analysis of your website three working days later to show you its strengths and weaknesses. We will also analyze your competition who has the best visibility in Google, Youtube or Amazon and compare with your site. This way, you will know what you need to do so that your web property can have the visibility that it deserves. Then, after seeing the video, you might have some questions. Here are the questions asked by the business owners to whom we offer our services:

1-How do you know if this SEO service will bring a positive Return On Investment (ROI)? The first way will be to look at your traffic sources stats. Do search engines bring you more traffic, if so, we do a god job by being the most efficient source of cost per lead. Later, we will check your income. Does it increase or not?

2-How will I rate your work if I know nothing about SEO?

You will assess our work with a monthly report that we will send you so that you can see where is your website regarding visibility in the selected search engine for specific keywords. However, you need to know that we can’t make a quantum leap regarding visibility within a month. It’s a mid to long term process depending on competition in the keyword. If it were a short-term solution, every business owner would use this tactic, but Google, Youtube or Amazon would lose their credibility for the validity of their search results. This is what happened to Yahoo who was the most popular search engine back in early 2000.

After a certain period of time, you will assess our work with more leads and more sales!

3-How do you decide the price of the service?

By checking how strong are the web properties that rank for the keyword(s) that you want to target. If the keywords are very competitive and thus, difficult to rank, it will take more resources to rank your web property so the price will be set accordingly. We will let you know in our free video analysis.

4-How do you evaluate the degree of competitivity of keywords?

By using tools that give us this data. We will present it to you when we will show you your free video analysis.

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